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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

~Albert Einstein

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How to Help

Pray Regularly
Donate a bicycle or bicycle parts
Bring in your bike for a tune-up
Volunteer (either directly with youth or behind the scenes)
Buy a bicycle, parts, and accessories
Organize a repair workshop (we can come teach)
Monthly financial support
Advertise by wearing a CWB jersey or t-shirt
Display literature or one of our bikes in your business or church
Sponsor Earn-A-Bike – $100 covers the costs of providing a bicycle, helmet, and lock for a youth to earn.
Buy a Papa Murphy’s Pizza Card – $5 gets you $30 in savings.
Buy a RoadID – 20% goes to us


Direct Service
Spend time one-on-one with youth in our shop. Teach (or learn together) mechanic, customer service, and basic life skills as you get to know each other. All direct service volunteers must sign our statement of faith, be at least 21 years of age, attend both days of volunteer training, complete a volunteer application and interview, and pass a federal background check. The cost of the background check is the responsibility of the applicant. Anyone with a felony conviction will be unable to work directly with our youth. We ask direct service volunteers to commit for at least a year, at least twice a month.
You can get more information about volunteering and download the application from Cup of Cool Water.

Indirect Service

  • Shop Help – help in daily running of the shop: talk with customers, clean, take out trash, organize parts, free up direct service staff and volunteers to spend time with youth, etc. Retail experience is helpful, but not necessary. Commit to one day per week, every other week, or every month.
  • Mechanics – we can use weekly, monthly, and occasional volunteers to refurbish donated bicycles to make them ready to sell.
  • Drivers – if you are able to pick up donated bikes and parts, we would love to give you a receipt so you could take a tax deduction on the mileage.
  • Recycling – we are doing our best to recycle unusable material. If you can take the time to deliver these, it would be a huge help.


All donations to Cool Water Bikes are tax-deductible. Our federal tax ID is 91-1761708 (Cup of Cool Water).
Bikes and Parts
We are always looking for your used bicycles and parts to refurbish. All refurbished bikes are made available for sale to the public and for youth to earn through our Earn-A-Bike program. If you want to donate bicycles or parts, please call ahead.
Unfortunately, we are not able to accept all donations. We are primarily looking for bicycles that were originally sold through bike shops. Department store bikes are often too difficult and expensive to be useful for refurbishing. Also, if bicycles have been sitting outside for long periods of time, they may not be salvageable.
Currently, we are not usually able to pick up donations. If you would like to help make this possible, please give us a call.
Honestly, we need money. At this time, sales don’t come anywhere near to covering our budget. We hope this will change as business grows, but for now, we really rely on financial donations to make this program run. If you can give once or every month, we would be extremely grateful.
Sometimes, you may not have money or bikes, but you’ve got “stuff” filling up your garage or basement. We might be able to use it. Please check out our Current Needs List

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