Once again, overdue update

16 04 2014

So, um, yeah. It’s been over two years since I wrote a post here. If you follow us on facebook, you probably keep pretty well up to date, but it would be nice to do the occasional longer update here. Here’s hoping. So we are just launching into our second year in the storefront at 224 S Howard St. The first year was amazingly better than we anticipated and we’re excited to see this project continue to grow to the point that it can be a truly self-sustaining enterprise and even begin to fund other projects within Cup of Cool Water.

To make that happen, we would love to see you all participate in whatever ways you are able. Donate (finances and bikes and parts), Volunteer (either directly with youth or indirectly doing mechanical, sales, and other business tasks), Purchase (bikes, parts, service, clothing, etc). Last year, we had one young man complete the Earn-a-bike program. This year we already have one more completed and several others have started the process. These things are always uncertain given the chaos of the world these young people live in, but we continue to offer the option to take a step towards owning their own lives. We are also beginning to take steps towards creating the youth intern program where we could potentially pay youth to work at CWB. No exact timeline on that, but hopefully we’ll have news on that soon.

Please pray for us and for the youth we serve. They are desperately in need of real, healthy relationships that reflect the love of their heavenly father. We’re here to do that in our own broken ways. Pray that He uses us far beyond our meager abilities.