New shop location

9 08 2011

OK, the question I get most often lately is, “When are you moving?” (or the related statement, “I thought you moved already.”). I really wish I had a good answer to that. When we first got in contact with the building owners last September, I assumed we would be able to sort everything out and move last winter. That stretched into early spring, which stretched into late spring. We signed the lease at the end of April. Again, I assumed it would only take a few weeks to do minor cosmetic fix-up before we could get up and going.

Unfortunately, we found out that the city building department is requiring us to do a “change of use” permit and bring some aspects of the space up to current code (fire safety issues). Right now, we are talking with some contractors to find out if we can do the work that needs to be done with as little expense as possible.

At times, this slow process has been incredibly frustrating. The only explanation I have been able to come up with is that God has some reason for slowing us down. He has put each of the pieces together in order, but not on the timeline that I would choose. He knows that I need to trust him and perhaps this is the only way for me to learn that lesson before launching into the craziness that is sure to come with starting a full-scale bike shop.

Father, please remind me daily of your love for me, your love for the youth here at Cup, and your faithfulness to bring your kingdom to completion. Whether the bike shop succeeds or fails, we are yours.